An IML DIssenter

I am 45 yr old leatherman. I came out in the early 90’s in an era where the Drag Queens who raised me taught me that we are “Family”. That we are all in this together. If you are different, you’re family. I have to say, I just threw the only oxballs item I have away (gotta say, it never worked that well to begin with). As for the hurtful and disgusting crap spewed here: GOOD RIDDENS. A community is only as strong as it’s members. and YOU, SIR, ARE THE WEAKEST LINK in the community. You will NOT be missed, and I will encourage anyone who will listen to boycottt your sub-par products. And to even USE the word “Tranny” in such a derogatory way is BEYOND disgusting. You knew it when you used it, so don’t try to play it off. YOU ARE A DISGUSTING EXAMPLE OF A LEATHERMAN. YOU ARE NOT MY BROTHER.

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