Beatles…Stones — Eat Crow, Parliament/Funkadelic is The Best Band Ever

Well. As a deep Beatlemaniac and almost a Stone…ah…iac — not quite — in the “white rock world” with that age-old (now) argument BEATLES or STONES, dude? I take Beatles, but close behind are the Stones. Zeppelin are right there too. But love me some jazz and some contemporary stuff. Nora Jones on the right day. Joni Mitchell any day.

I think your explanation about the lyrics is very interesting in regards to the mother of five et al….perhaps because the lyric is something that hits home for you, you are drawn to it more than someone who cannot directly relate. Same could be said about Lennon’s Good Morning, Good Morning or McCartney’s Two of Us for example, you know, “time for tea and meet the wife” in that swinging delivery, something so English and mundane sounds kinda cool. I can get it (Canadian, here…).

One thing I started noticing is Black artists having done Beatle covers, but really adding soul/funk/more rhythm. I thought how cool is that, that the Beatles primary influences were black Americans along with Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Elvis et al….here these fantastic black musicians that we all admire are covering them back: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Shirley Bassey (half?) Nina Simone, Al Green, Otis Redding…on and on. McCartney just loves that.

I noticed a great reaction from a young black kid who is totally into hip hop — and why not? Listened to In My Life, shared the hell out of that song. There is something special about the melancholy delivery and tone not unlike McCartney’s Michelle.

Was at a party recently for a guy who turned 55 — the crowd was 20 to 60 — and the tastes ranged from Dr. Dre to Metallica to Springsteen to Beatles — quite a range. We were picking Hot Chocolate, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees — music we would never chill to — but it was very dance-able. Yes, I know the Bee Gees are white, but the Bass line in Staying Alive was pretty much as cool as Billy Jean.

Meandering here, but you just motivated me to start listening to Parlament/Funkadelic — who I know of and know of Bootsy and Clinton, but will now listen seriously. Thanks for that.

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