“Who Gives A Fuck About a Goddamn Grammy?”

Well I don’t think just white people will promote anything they can make a dollar off of, all races do that.

I will echo your question though and ask who cares about the Oscars and Grammys? The only people that take them seriously are the media and the people at the Grammys. Who cares? The awards are bogus.

There are a ton of people who do not get credit in all races. I don’t think Taylor Swift is getting awards for brilliant song writing or stunning rich vocals or technically proficient musicianship, there are a ton of white musicians who should be in line in front of her — as well as black, chinese, whatever. I think the bloated masses see the TV schedule and naturally turn on the spectacle, not unlike watching a car crash — how can you not look? Also, the majority of winners are white, because the audience is more white, there are just more white people. But that doesn’t explain the 100% white wash at the Oscars. At least Straight out of Compton should have gotten for story — at least a nomination.

Next year don’t watch….they don’t exactly have great cred with whites either.

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