We move in mystic rhythms

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Motion, has a profound effect on the human soul. Since birth, parents would sway us gently back and forth in our cradle. Soothing us with motion until we are lulled to sleep. This helps enforce what we now call bio-rhythms, which sets life into motion. We often times try to sync back to our younger selves by seeking this calming rhythm. And through seeking this, can have a profound effect on us.

A professor of rhythm, motion and timing, Neil Peart from the rock band Rush stated “We often need to calm soul through motion”…

Soft skills are the new hard skills

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In my career, I’ve been fortunately to work with with hundreds of engineers and developers in various industries on numerous projects. I can always recall ones who always stood out from the crowd. It wasn’t because of their uncanny technical ability, or their legendary experience, no, it was because they had something special. They had the ‘IT’ factor, a culmination of soft skills that allowed them to eloquently product tech specs, while rallying the team behind them. Yes, they were real life Unicorns.

I was lucky. I was given the opportunity to work under and study and learn what made…

Taking the time to make time

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Roman Poet Horace coined the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, which we’ve translated to ‘seize the day’. Which is being proactive in capturing the essence and fruits of time. Back then, it was know that time is one of the most precious commodities we have.

Specifically, ‘Carpe’ really means to pick or ‘pluck’, as if you were picking ripe fruit from a tree. Choosing which fruit to choose is an acquired skill that takes time and experience. Pick too early, and and you may have an unripped fruit in your hands. Too late, and the the…

How the Californian Law can be used a weapon for data companies

Today California proposed new rules to enforce state privacy laws. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has been on the minds of data providers and advertising companies since its passing in 2018. CCPA aims to give people the right to see what data companies have on them and have the option to opt-out of selling this data completely. While CCPA compliance rules and regulations have been in progress, data companies have been bracing for impact (if any) this litigation would have.

With the law going into effect on…

A ‘Walled Garden’ is a platform in which the owner can control behavior, information and economy. It can also restrict any outside influence. Wall Gardens tend to flow in and out of history, and there is one key catalyst that keeps bringing them down.

History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

By looking at a case study on how an openly distributed project broke down the ISP Walled Gardens of the 90's.

The cracks are starting to show on this trusted walled garden.

Facebook, which set the biggest loss of market share of $130 Billion dollars in one day set up not only a new record but raised red flags as well. While this is nothing new for Facebook as it has handled itself with bad press in the past and has rebound nicely.

Do we believe that Facebook to be a levee that will not break with constant barrage of bad press and data leakage coming out of its platform? Are marketers starting to have their doubts in the platform and…

Will the real bid shady please stand up?

You’ve been searching eBay for an item. You know how much it goes for in the market, and what’s a good price. Then you find an auction where the item is being fairly cheaply and decide to bid say $20 dollars. Then with a stroke of luck, you win the for $10. But while you’re checking out, the price goes up to $15. You’re wondering what happened? How could the winning price of an auction change after you won the auction? You, my friend, have just been Bid Shaded.

With great meetings, comes with great responsibility.

There’s ample doctrine about how to properly set up a meeting, and how the meeting should be conducted and the post meeting recap. Meetings are ubiquitous and everyone has a style that works for them. Yet, I’ve found this one thing that often gets overlooked when successfully completing the meeting life cycle. Successful meetings will follow this kind of procedure:

While this is perfectly fine, and if you get 2 out of 3 of these done, you’re a meeting rockstar. Yet, this is one vital step in this flow that most meeting people…

An ad agency, which just received a detailed brief from one of its top clients. This brief includes information such as the target audiences, product offerings, spend, etc. The advertiser also includes the objective of the campaign: to measure success by “driving brand lift” through “viewability.” While this metric is important for media delivery, it does not provide any insight into the branding performance of the advertising. Therefore, the industry needs to look beyond viewability for brand measurement.

The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) define a viewable impression to be an ad which appears at least 50% on screen for more…

Another gift from the data science gods in the form of a brilliant new Amazon service called Athena. Athena now allows you to use standard SQL to query directly from data that lives in Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). One of the benefits of Athena is that there are no upfront infrastructure cost or time to set up or manage. And this is a you execute. In this post I’ll walk through the simple set-up needed to query S3 via Athena in pay only what you use for the queries R!

First: Set up Athena permissions via Amazon’s Identity and…

Christopher Keune

Ad Philosopher, Measurement Muse and Data DJ.

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