Kids Take To Streets For Gun Control and… We Are Finally Listening!
Dr. Gretchen Boria

No, we are not ‘finally listening’ because the fact is that when 99.9%+ of firearms are never used in a crime nor even linked to a crime with the vast majority of that less than .1% merely linked to crimes (‘nearby’ when a crime is committed) the fact of the matter is that we do not need more firearm control.

What do we need? More dangerous citizen and mentally ill citizen control.

Remember: The Parkland and Sandy Hook shooters were known to be dangerous long before they did their murderous acts.

If the police, social services, etc. would have done their jobs as they were supposed to and put those people into mental health counseling and/or prison for the violence they did towards others from the start? Those people would not have done those school shootings.

I am past sick and tired of people who say “The GURNZ are the problem!” They are idiots and five-letter m’s to be blunt on the subject.