Small Business (SMB) Owners Are Increasingly Relying on Fractional Sales Managers To Grow Their Business & Reduce Risk.

After struggling for years to manage expensive, often disappointing sales people themselves, Owners are renting, not hiring, the expertise they sorely need.

As a small or mid-sized business (SMB) owner, there is perhaps no bigger difference separating you from the global titans that dominate your sector than the commitments they are able to make to recruit, train, and manage their respective sales staff.

The “big guys” have layers of sales management, each responsible for their part of the market. This revenue creation and account maintenance machine is like an Olympic rowing team, churning the water in unison to power their ship across the finish line.

On the other hand, you are constantly evaluating compensation plans, proper staff levels, territories, etc.. in search of the secret formula to stop churning through reps and finally grow the way you feel you deserve.

4 Reasons You Need A Fractional Sales Manager & Coach

One of the fastest growing consulting trends today is the use of “Fractional Sales Managers” for great 4 great reasons.

1) Why Buy 40 Hours, When You Only Need 5?

Once a rep is recruited, hired and on-boarded, your rep(s) only need a few hours in the week to be kept on task and accountable. Industry experts say 1–2 hours per rep is a good benchmark. So unless you have a team of 10 or more, a full-time manager is not needed.

Adding a Sales Manager before they are needed frequently diminishes productivity as the overseer consumes too much time to justify their role and salary.

Key managerial tasks, such as forecasting, funnel review, running sales meetings, script development are best done on a planned routine basis rather than in the hallways or at the water cooler.

2) Your Sales Star Is Not Cut Out To Be A Manager.

You know you don’t need a full-time manager. What do you next? Unfortunately, the most common choice is to promote a top seller to role of Sales Manager. This idea almost always backfires in two ways: their productivity slips and poor mentoring occurs.

Just as Magic Johnson showed us as coach of the Lakers for a few games, the best players usually struggle to teach others as so much comes naturally to them.

WARNING: The quickest way to alienate your sales staff and run them out the door to your competition is to promote their peer and allow them to cherry pick the best leads or get partial credit for sales made to their “trainees.”

3) You Can’t Be The Owner, Star Salesperson & Manager, Sorry.

You are the Owner, the best Salesperson and you think you can manage the other sales people in your spare time? Think again.

For one, you have an unfair advantage as a sales person. You can make promises and commitments to close a deal that you would never let a rep make on their own. Your “owner math” justifies deals that would make you cringe if your staff brought it to you.

Without formal training and real world experience managing sales reps, your amateur effort combine with the pressure and power of an owner will undoubtedly make you less of a manager than you can rent.

If all these factors weren’t enough, you have no one holding you accountable to yourself. No one holding up the mirror to point out that your poor tutoring is causing the disappointing results.

You are doomed to repeat this cycle over and over.

4) Your Reps Needs Someone In Their Corner.

Just like a big league pitcher or an pro quarterback, high stress positions like a Sales Rep need someone they can rely upon to always have their back and fight for them in a pinch. It they miss their numbers through no fault of their own, some one has to stand up for them.

Sales is a profession unlike any other job, filled with stress and rejection, highs and lows, and often wild income swings and expectations. These individuals need someone to be there along the way to keep them optimistic, positive and motivated to succeed.

Where do you find a Fractional Sales Manager?

Small Business Consultants (SBC) has done the legwork for you. Our vetted professionals have all the skills and experience needed to take your team to the next level.

Just Imagine what you could get accomplished with the help of an experienced professional handling all of the interviewing, training, running of sales meetings, designing compensation plans, and determining when it is time to let a rep go versus when they need more time and some fine-tuning.