Driven to Create

The son of immigrant parents from Shanghai, China, Christopher Chen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Currently a third-year at the University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in political science and minoring in music, Chris enjoys playing cello and working on self-started projects.

Despite his major in the social sciences, interest in music and insatiable desire for both cooking and eating the best food in the world, his true passion lies in design. He first gained interest at the end of high school when a friend requested his assistance with a college video production. Chris felt the simple but meaningful experience was more personally rewarding and satisfying than anything he had done previously.

He is interested in the intersection of creativity and complex technical skills through long nights of detailed work with his current interest in animation and 3-D modeling. With the ultimate goal of working at a product design firm or a production studio, Chris has decided that he wants to further his education in a master’s program that focuses on all aspects of design.

Written by: Christopher Valentin

Christopher Chen engages in one of his many creative passions.
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