A Reflection from a Serial Hobbyist

I am a serial hobbyist. Sorry for the introspective rant I am about to unleash but sometimes I must regurgitate what’s on my mind onto the internet to learn something about myself. Why does it need to be on the internet you ask? Probably because I should have gone to a shrink years ago but here I am.

Here I go.

Like I said I am a serial hobbyist. Anyone close to me knows that I easily fall in love with new topics like photography, reading, swimming, podcasting, starting new businesses, film making, coding, triathlon, obstacle course racing, or writing, cooking, blah blah blah blah blah. The list is literally endless. I haven’t put enough thought into how this happens but could it be cyclical? Am I in some kind of early mid-life crisis, trying to find more meaning in life? When did this happen? How did it start? Is this just who I am?

Don’t get me wrong. These things I so easily fall in love with are why I get up every morning. The excitement of learning a new topic, beating a PR on a trail run, taking a beautiful picture of a landscape on a long drive to Lake Tahoe, its simply invigorating. Sometimes I feel like an X-MEN character who’s super power is to replicate the powers of other mutants. But the mutant’s powers I steal will always be a bit weaker than their own. Always getting better, never getting great.

There is a long list of both pros and cons for the life of a serial hobbyist. The pros are easy: new experiences, life lessons, getting stronger, smarter. The cons are always hard: feeling spread to thin, missing out on family time, frustration, fatigue, confusion, stress…the list goes on. The fact is, I’m starting to feel like a glutton. Like a person who takes all you can eat way to seriously. But, all this aside, I can’t help thinking there must be a reason for it.

Olympians, noble prize winners, doctors, lawyers, they are all people who figured it out early. They’ve found their path and they have stuck to it. But what about all the people like me? The people who are in constant search to find that one thing. How are we supposed to excel and prosper if we keep cutting the pie into thinner and thinner slices? How can we find our true north?

Maybe, its okay…

Maybe, this is how it is supposed to be for some…

Maybe, it is one of those “enjoy the journey, not the destination” scenarios

Maybe, I will find my true north. Then again, maybe I won’t

Most recently, I have taken deep dive into Spartan Race, an obstacle course racing brand that has created an empire on helping people excel by challenging their bodies and minds on difficult obstacle courses. From short 3 mile sprints to what they call the Ultra Beast, a marathon distance obstacle course, people pay hundreds of dollars to brutalize themselves through mud and barbwire. The journey has been exciting and both my health and confidence have increased greatly in my short time training for my first race at the Dodger Stadium Sprint. Sadly, with all my efforts, I will still feel like a man without a country.

My search for that one thing will persist but I am happy exploring new and interesting activities and ideas. Not having everything figured out is simply part of the human condition.

I’d love to hear stories or comments from other like-minded serial hobbyist or anyone with insight. Maybe, there’s something to this. Maybe, this is the “one thing”. Maybe, there’s a way that this is our true north.