What Kind of MARVELous Marketer Are You?

Avengers of Marketing

In honor of the exciting new Thor: Ragnarok trailer that came out today let your co-workers know which Marketing Avenger best describes you.

THOR: You always have the absolute best tools, and you damn sure know how to use them to become an all powerful God of Marketing. Just as Thor uses his hammer to smash down the enemies of Asgard, you use tools like Hootsuite and ClickFunnels to propel your company into glorious victory.

Spider-Man: This may be you if you are the young guy on the team. You submit the most relevant copy with the best media and photographs. You’re witty, quick and don’t take yourself too seriously. But when a campaign comes down to the wire, you take charge and know how to get the job done. It doesn’t hurt that you are a genius. You are most likely a digital marketer because you seem to know everything about the…WEB!!! HAHA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9DwoQ7HWvI watch the new trailer for Spider Man: Homecoming

The Incredible Hulk: The marketer that uses brute force to get their message across. Efficiency means nothing to you, POWER is the operative word in your marketing vocabulary. This type of marketing is good for some, but very dangerous for others. A large bank who only cares about branding and not so much about ROI may hire this marketer.

Black Widow: You have grown with the internet. You know all the black hat SEO techniques and may have even used some of them in the old days of online marketing. In the past, you ran misleading campaigns and even still have a few tricks up your sleeve, but you have seen the light. You use your marketing powers for good now…mostly.

Star-Lord: Many believe you to be a mere mortal. To the masses, you’re the underdog but your agency couldn’t survive without your bravery. Your taste of music is impeccable. You and your team of mis-fits have a bit of an edge. When everything is on the line, there is no one that is better to depend on than you.

THANOS: BOOOOOO! You still use black hat techniques. No matter what it takes, you are going to get your message across. you are powerful and get the job done at all costs. But, inevitably you are going to get beat by the good guys who practice the cutting edge techniques. No one likes you Thanos.

TONY STARK: You are brilliant! You are a data driven and analytical marketer and most of all you are a leader! You could install a GA code blindfolded. You eat Facebook pixels for breakfast, even to the dismay of Pepper Potts, who knows it gives you indigestion.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: You might be the best type of marketer out there. You keep your skills sharp , you use the best techniques and make sure that your brand has the best image out there. You will stand up for what’s right. You are the kind of marketer who would look past the money and end a relationship with a client because of your strong moral code. We salute you!

BONUS Star Wars:

The Jedi Master: You Were the Chosen Marketer! The Marketer that uses Neuro-Linguistic-Programming in all their assets and understands the true power of the Force. “These are the products that you are looking for!”. We could all hope to have a little bit more Jedi in our lives and on our team!

There are an infinite number of Jedi Marketing puns that you can come up with, let’s see those in the comments! I know I missed some Marvel characters as well.

Maybe Hawkeye always hits the target in his campaigns?

Maybe Scarlet Witch seems to have a bit of marketing magic.

Are Multi-Level-Marketers Storm Troopers? Comment Below!

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