Christmas Lights: Start

So, I’ve had a Raspberry Pi for a few years now but haven’t done much besides make it into a media player that attaches to NFS storage. As fun as that is, it doesn’t take advantage of its GPIO pins.

Once upon a time, I attempted this project, controlling Christmas lights, with an Arduino. Python and I aren’t friends. I can’t get over the fact that there aren’t curly braces or “ends” to break up blocks of code.

As I’ve been re-learning how to code and more modern languages, I attempted to do this round in Ruby. As some of you may know, anything involving the RaspberryPi and their GPIO pins is usually written in Python. No thanks. I found a Gem ( and with some finesse, I was able to make the following program simply blink the lights. Next step is to make it a bit more complicated. At some point I would like to sync those blinks with music. That with an interactive front-end would be cool.