Colonial Europe developed a lucrative system of colonies. In return for ‘colonization’ peoples received protection, education, health, civilization.

Didn’t really work that way but that was the idea. And Mother country knows best. Do what you’re told and you become part of a much bigger enterprise.

Conquering and re-conquering and swapping and re-drawing borders like nobody’s business was a multi-century past time for European powers. Imagine the confusion when after every European conflict you found yourself a citizen of a new country. Nonetheless, it was all fine and dandy until late 20th century.

I grew up in London. In the 60s I took a lot of heat from English blokes about race riots in America. It was tough. I hated the news as much as anyone, but somehow being a lone Yank in some London scenes meant I had to pay for the American sin. Nice

I went out to hear The Who play at the Marquee and got the crap beat out of me because some kids had been lynched in Alabama. It seemed pretty clear cut in London in the 60s, but there was one thing missing.

In the 2nd half of the 20th century the bill came due for all those centuries of colonization. The Indians and Algerians, the South Africans and the Pakistanis knocked on Europe’s front door and made themsleves at home. They were after all citizens of the mother country.

Now, if the goal is not assimulation the danger is cultural ghettoes. And isolation is a breeding ground for nasty viruses.

Bombs went off in Bruseells. Gunman in Munich. Knife weilder in England. We’re getting used to this. In the US some of our politicans take the bait, spew out fear-based rants. They want to run and hide behind walls and pay cops to go door to door. I get they’re afraid. It’s scary stuff. The Other is coming to kill us! But exactly who is this boogeyman anyway?

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