Drain the Swamp: Into His Pocket.

What do we know about Trump?

We don’t know who he owes.

We don’t his business interests, his deals, his obligations.

We do know his morals are lax. We know he lies. We know he is arrogant.
Is he trustworthy?

Well, we know he’s not.

So he’s pulling the shades down on his government. He’s hiring family. He’s hiring people who are unqualified for the job. He’s abandoning allies and courting enemies.


Is it incompetence? Or something else?

The master of conspiracies theories is already filling the airwaves with conspiracies — voter fraud, lying press, intelligence agencies misconduct. He’s been president four days.

He’s taking his minority as a mandate to dismantle everything. But what happens then? Were these laws and regulation put in place just to drive people nuts? They weren’t. They were put there to protect us. Ask yourself this: How did deregulating the banks work out?

What’s the over/under on scandals in this secret government?

Does anybody think this particular group of humans is immune to maybe some shady dealing?

What happens when a crisis happens (they always do) and he goes on air to speak to the nation? Will anybody believe him, the man who lies?

Public trust is a delicate thing. He has none. How can a president lead if nobody follows?

Our allies will look to other deals now, new treaties, new trades. China will sweep into the Pacific region vacuum. Russia will test this new president. Our neighbors will shrug their shoulders as we put up 30 billion dollar walls.

It’s not that hard to figure out how this is going to go. Would you rather go to dinner with friends or enemies? He calls himself a great dealmaker, but any salesman will tell you, to sell anybody you need to love everybody. Who does Trump love and who loves Trump? What makes him laugh? Do you think he’s a nice guy? Do you think it matters?

The answer is yes, it does matter. It matters a lot. Anybody can say they’re a dealmaker, anybody can put terms on a table, posture, blow smoke, but only a select few can actually close a deal.

It’s a big world. You need friends. Trump’s idea is we’re so desirable he can mess with people, and they’ll take it. That’s a hell of a gamble.

I say in this new global free-for-all (something I don’t think he understands) we’re at the beginning of new era of American irrelevance.

That’s not all bad in some ways. Our future kinds of reminds me of Great Britain. A once great empire, still a cool place, probably a little hung up on a glorious past.

I see one great advantage to the guy. The nation will rise in opposition if he tries to lead us into war. We get sucked into war by lying politicians all the time. The Women’s March will look like the fast line at the grocery store if he tries to play the war card. I believe that. I’m sure they’ll be some folks who rattle the war drums, and wave flags, all that stuff, but I’m also sure they’ll be more folks who won’t ever believe a damn thing that comes out of his mouth. There’s good in that at least.