Improv Genius: Recording Jim Gaffigan

My favorite way to create radio ads and work with amazing v/o talent is improv. Even if we’re working from a script, I like to add improv. It gets the voice sounding effortless, accessible, real, and it puts the onus on the production team to create magic with editing.

It also helps to have an improv genius in the booth. Jim Gaffigan is a guy who got into advertising the hard way. Working in an agency. But you can’t keep talent like that chained to a cubicle forever. Before long the man was racing up the v/o ladder.

I’d worked with Jim a couple of times by the time we booked him to come in for Rolling Rock. The client said they wanted to do a series of spots on the arcane images and language on the Rolling Rock bottles. It occurred to us the simplest way to do it was put the bottle in Jim’s hands and stand back.

As I said, the trick to this kind of work is in the editing. But it really helps if you have a riffing machine standing in front of the Neumann.

Check it out.

ROLLING ROCK ‘Literature’

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