Fallacies of the College Enrollment Process

I’ve had some adverse opinions about higher education, and I still reserve those opinions. However, I’m starting to see how so many people, who aren’t necessarily entrepreneurial, value said education. It’s important to continue to learn, no matter how that looks. Whether it be purely by failure, by reading, sitting in a classroom, or listening to your grandma, if we aren’t learning we’re falling behind. Information is always evolving, and it’s vital that we keep up with it. Not to mention, the only way we can grow up and mature is by learning. How people choose to learn is entirely up to them.

That thought came to mind with a reoccurring event that I have noticed a lot this semester. For the individuals and families who value higher education, some have no idea how to (a) find the right school for themselves/their kids, and (b) they’re not exactly sure how to enroll in that institution; they’re totally unfamiliar with the process, and that leaves them to, in a way, fend for themselves. As a result of not knowing how to find the right institution, most students arrive on campus and get cold feet, or feel uncomfortable, or get scared out of their minds, or they don’t like it, etc. Or maybe, the student was not properly informed about the institution, and what life on campus is really like. What stems from this is many students dropping out within the first month of being at school.

I have a lot of sympathy for these students. As I, my first freshman semester, was wildly misinformed about the quality of the “institution” that I was pushed to attend. Example: when prospective students take a tour of their future schools, anyone they talk to on campus will tell you that it’s ‘amazing’, ‘the best place ever’, ‘we’re the best option for students like you because___’, ‘I love it here’, etc etc. Most universities and junior colleges will hide important information, such as: ‘our cafeteria serves dog food’, ‘we’ve had a lot of maintenance issues in our dorms’, ‘our professors all have terrible ratings/reviews’, ‘everyone will be a douche bag to you after the first week’, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, after acceptance and enrollment, some schools, including the one I’m currently attending, occasionally act as if they are unavailable for their newly enrolled students. For example: I have had issues simply getting ahold of financial aid via telephone; only to walk to their office and see a total of three employees who are away from the phones and having personal conversations.

What really sucks: some colleges lie about how much it costs to attend! They advertise an amount that is not congruent with the number that appears on the student’s bill.

This type of facilitation is literally costing students tens of thousands of dollars. Simply because colleges are banking on students’ naivety.

All of this being said, in case you have never experienced these situations yourself, it should give you a better idea of what may be happening behind the scenes at some institutions. I think that the process of gaining students is warped, and someone (maybe me) should aid prospective students in the process of how to get into the school that’s best for them; as well as inform them of any fishy activity at the school, things that are not good about the school…basically everything that the staff at the schools won’t tell their prospective students.

Depending on what the Lord has for me in the next couple of years, I may have something in the works that will serve as a solution to this massive, unbecoming problem.

Opinons and additional insight are always welcome.

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