How Trump’s mere existence delegitimizes Clinton’s candidacy and presidency — and what we must do…
Jeff Jarvis

Jeff, like most times I listen to your thoughts (mostly via TWiG), I find my fiscally-conservative-, socially-libertarian-self nodding in agreement. I find your prediction of Clinton’s future de-legitimization prescient, as the last two presidents have clearly had to deal with the phenomenon on various levels (i.e. the birther movement, the popular vote).

I do take issue, though, with your blanket claim that Clinton’s untrustworthiness is all hype. She trusts no one, only submitting to investigation and inquiry when stalling measures have proved ineffective, and for what? By far, most of her “transgressions” have been decisions that are, on the legal spectrum, distasteful, but little more. So why hide so much? Because of the “vast right wing conspiracy?” They’re not going away. So why act like every little infraction is a smoking gun? She just makes every footnote on her journey become its own Wikipedia page.

That’s what I find most frustrating about her. I don’t, don’t, DON’T trust her as far as I can throw her (which is not that far, because she’s very old, & I don’t want to break her hip). She even seems, when she’s not pandering to her base or Bernie supporters, like a very centrist candidate that I can get behind…but the trust thing, man!

I live in Iowa, a swing state with a close race, so I’ll have to plug my nose and say, “I’m with her.” Anything else will be throwing ½ my vote away. (Not my whole vote, Gary Johnson fans. Just half. It’s math.)

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