Busy Running, Busy Coding

I haven’t written for a while on my blog, partly because I have been so busy learning so many new technologies, and also because I have been focusing on my running.

I won the Chiang Mai half marathon a few weeks ago which was a huge confidence boost. At the front of the field behind the lead car was an incredible experience, even though my time wouldn’t have got me in the top 10% in a European half marathon!

I have been learning so many new technologies and am finally getting a grasp of full stack development using React, MongoDB, Express, and Node. It has been a very steep learning curve but I feel like I’m coming out on the opposite end.

I have so far created 2 full stack apps.

  1. A Voting App where you can create your own polls and then share them with your friends to vote on them. This first app taught me a lot about express, mongodb queries, passportJS authentication, and the importance not only of your apps function but also the UI.
  2. A nightlife sharing app where you can add bars to your evening and then see how many people are going. Again a fantastic experience learning mongoose schemas, playing with data in the db, and also my first React project.

I can really see the uses of React right now. I only scratched the surface in my second project but I think that it is going to help with future projects a lot.

FreeCodeCamp have recently upgraded their curriculum to include some API projects and Data Visualisation stuff, along with some React projects and study guides, so I am looking forward to getting into them before continuing with my full stack projects.

This year was a great start and I have decided to continue training and firmly commit myself to give it my all for a 2:40 marathon this year…. I am hopeful that if I put the work in I can get close to the target, although obviously I am thinking up other times I would be OK with!

Goals for this week:

  • Write a blog post that explores the benefits that running and coding can do together to help body and mind.
  • Learn more React
  • Begin doing react examples on FCC with React-Bootstrap (love the look of this and think it will help a lot!)
  • Add further authentication options to my projects: Fbook and Twitter.
  • Complete all API projects on FCC.

Looking forward to a great week of running and coding!

Originally published at CHRIS PHILLIPS.

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