Claiming My Front End Certificate

This week I finished the Front End part of FreeCodeCamp and so I really feel like writing a review of my current progress.

How many hours, how much time?

According to FCC I should have done about 480 hours of learning with them to this point. I started with them on September 14th, which means I have been studying for 77 days in total.

Quick math: var hoursPerDay = 480 / 77;

I have been studying for 6.2 hours per day? Definitely this hasnt been happening, I estimate it’s probably 4 hours per day on average, with a lot of learning time from Treehouse as well. So I’m either good at it, or I have skimmed some concepts along the way.

I think its the latter. My learning style is outcome based; I use whatever tools I have to get the job done. This means that sometimes I might skim over some things without truly reading around the topic.

To combat this, I’ve decided to invest in some Javascript books in order to start learning more theory and truly understanding core programming concepts. They’re on the way now!

Here are some lists.

My projects so far:

Projects Completed Link Zipline: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage Oct 02, 2015 View my project Zipline: Show the Local Weather Oct 05, 2015 View my project Zipline: Build a Pomodoro Clock Oct 30, 2015 View my project Zipline: Build a Random Quote Machine Oct 30, 2015 View my project Zipline: Build a JavaScript Calculator Nov 01, 2015 View my project Zipline: Use the Twitchtv JSON API Nov 12, 2015 View my project Zipline: Stylize Stories on Camper News Nov 15, 2015 View my project Zipline: Build a Wikipedia Viewer Nov 17, 2015 View my project Zipline: Build a Tic Tac Toe Game Nov 24, 2015 View my project Zipline: Build a Simon Game Nov 24, 2015 View my project

What skills have I learnt?

I was going to list out everything but when I thought about it, there was just too much — so here are a few off the top of my head (there’s so much more!):

  • HTML
  • CSS + Bootstrap- responsive design, id’s, classes, selectors, animation
  • JavaScript — arrays, objects, for and while loops, timing events, functions, if/else, automatic debugging.
  • JQuery — manipulating and traversing the DOM, loops, animation,
  • AJAX — using API’s to get and post data, parsing and manipulating data and displaying in HTML.
  • JSON- receiving and sending JSON, manipulating information stored and presenting in a user friendly way.

Highs and lows….

Highpoint — Definitely getting my front-end certificate and finishing all the projects so far. These were so challenging and I got a tremendous sense of achievement out of them.

Lowpoint — sometimes I have got frustrated with my inability to do something. This has often taught me more than being able to do it easily of course, and I have also learnt to take a break.

This is just a quick update I know — now on to the next part of my course! I’m looking forward to the future challenges, especially learning the MEAN stack.

Originally published at CHRIS PHILLIPS.