When you want to get to channel 0, it’s likely because you need your user ID.

That’s what your transceiver displays on its LCD display when you switch over to channel 0.

You can then use this ID to perform certain actions such as subscribing, canceling certain services, etc.

To get to channel 0, you must:

Step 1: Turn on your transceiver.

Step 2: Turn the adjustment dial to channel 0.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds until your ID is displayed on the LCD display.



There are a number of ways you can increase the wattage or transmission power of your radio such as:

  1. Change the positioning of your CB radio
  2. Adjust the modulation
  3. Utilize the squelch and RF gain options to eliminate background noise
  4. Check the quality of your antenna
  5. Adjust the dead key wattage
  6. Invest in an amplifier to increase watts and improve sound quality



Christopher R Bunce

I take apart radios for a living and founded Military Radio for all communication enthusiasts. Here to write about experiments i conduct with different radios.