Somebody supporting immigration for business criticized the opposition as bigots, even with quotes.

Now you are going to hear the other side of the story.

A person born, raised, and never traveled outside America has a friend in only one nation’s government. The American Federal government, and to a lesser degree, the state or territory of residence. There may be no language skills but English and even that might be tenuous. Lacking the advantages of foreign language and travel and familiarity with other cultures, where else do you expect these most vulnerable American citizens to go should you replace them?

If you have traveled and speak two or more languages, you are kicking most Americans in the ass.

For my part, I studied Spanish because I had the foresight to know it mattered in the United States. But I never traveled until 2010 when I visited Windsor Ontario adjacent Detroit. I renewed my passport recently. And last but not least I could qualify for citizenship under Finnish law, as grand dad, a dairy farmer, immigrated from there. Moooo. Had milk. Finland seems to observe jus sanguinis. Descendants only.

The states and territories as well as counties (like prefectures, units below state and territorial level) lavish vast sums on children (whether citizen or not) for elementary, middle, and secondary school. States even subsidize post secondary education. East Germany was very angry to see the citizens they worked so hard to train, and indoctrinate, go through the fence they had to build. Wouldn’t we be glad to have a labor force the states did not need to train? Sure! But you must have citizen children for military recruitment. The volunteer army and the draft are greater. Recruits from outside are relatively few. So keep up the good work, mothers of America. We might need to send your adult kids into combat one day.

Citizens, but not non citizens, receive program benefits if they need them. And it is regardless of their level of education. I never participated in any assistance program of any kind through college. All I had in graduate school was Temporary Continuation of Coverage (COBRA) as the suddenly ineligible son of a Federal retiree (Social Security Administration writer editor of its Bulletin through 1987, Robert Marsh, deceased 1996), which I sometimes paid for but which my parents otherwise paid for.

Suddenly after graduate school the whole roof was blown off. Immediately living on the opposite side of WV (Huntington, Marshall University) from my parents (Berkeley County, the penultimate WV county in the eastern “panhandle”), and badly paid, I qualified for food stamps. Six months later I suddenly developed cancer. The Medicaid program managed to wiggle out of the lion’s share of this, but I did pay some $4,000 of a $12,000 bill eventually. The University, on a hunch from my boss, a social work professor from Ethiopia, determined that I had Asperger syndrome (now simply but less flatteringly called high functioning autism) after all. West Virginia Rehabilitative Services helped in small ways. Later, Maryland Rehabilitation Services would completely overhaul my career at its own expense.

None of these would have happened if I wasn’t a citizen.

Here is what a lot of us hope will happen.

Right now far too many employers are reluctant to recruit some people. Usually people with disabilities and senior citizens. To lesser degrees, there is also discrimination by race, ethnicity, language, biological sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation, and so on.

When there is too many of anything, it becomes cheap. Expendable. Some people are more expendable than others, and their employment and income rates show it. For example, Mind Shift alleges “It is true that 85% of people in the United States cannot find meaningful work because of our differences.” I think something like 85% unemployment, or employment short of ability, would cause an uprising in average people. In my opinion martial law.

There are two sources of demographic growth. Fertility and migration. Efforts to reduce the number of citizens, including reducing or eliminating the numbers of immigrants coming in, eliminating of citizenship by birth on soil (jus solis) as Ireland has recently done, and reducing visas for specialized employment such as science and technology, are the first step in a greater goal. Eliminating unemployment in the United States first.

Not just reducing unemployment among U.S. citizens. When there is no alternative, employers will not only need to hire them, but avoid employment discrimination. And of course employees would be free to reset wages to at least the level of inflation. I am not sure if some American citizens cannot work or who they are, but obviously we are going to reduce unemployment insurance outlays if we try. And also definitely reduce disability insurance outlays (SSDI or SSI) if we try to creatively identify what people can do rather than what they can’t and then apply it. It is hard to believe that anybody is a useless eater.

Of course we would need further steps. We would need to discourage many pregnancies. Sadly that means some abortions. We would have to more aggressively identify “gifted kids” from “other” backgrounds: race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, disability. They would need to be trained whether they could afford it or not.

And finally, a United States citizen would need to be preferred if one or more exist among qualified applicants.

If you think a United States citizen can be white male et cetera, you can think again. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal treatment under the laws for all citizens. Originally this was intended to cover the citizenship status of newly freed American slaves, but if they are equal to everyone else, so is every citizen to every other citizen.

It isn’t like the rest of the planet hasn’t figured this out. In 1996 in my last year in graduate school I emailed someone in South Africa who indicated a desire to recruit more South Africans, the majority of which are people of color. I got it.

And in 1992 in Prague when some in my nationwide college graduating class found better work over there, I kind of thought it wasn’t fair to the Czechs, although I didn’t know if they were hired first. I thought the Czechs were there first.

Why haven’t we figured it out?

The objective is not to ethnically cleanse the U.S. labor market. At least not for me. But when you are on a bus and there are no more seats, you just can’t get on. You may get on when there are seats. The U.S. labor market is like that. People were already here before you.

We elect our leaders to solve problems at home. Unemployment among them.

From demography class I know the severe challenges faced by some countries in population. China had to enact, for decades, a one child policy enforced by forced abortion. It doesn’t matter if you are an Eskimo tribe or China. Small society or large society, when the food supply does not seem to feed everyone, someone must die. Usually among the Eskimos, the elderly volunteer to die so that children might live.

I understand that it would be desirable for the best and brightest in various heavily populated countries to work here. I can understand that humanpower frequently exceeds demand. But if it comes down to one or the other, because there have to be losers in the labor market, who should it be?

We need a balance between the best people on Earth and competent people in the United States.

I did not vote for Mr. Trump incidentally. Too much loose talk about why the hell we have nuclear weapons we don’t use. I am afraid he will use them, although it has been pleasant this last week not having Kim Jong Un threaten to nuke us.

Christopher Marsh, Shepherdstown, WV

Web developer 13 years, plus Masters in social research which is also step by step problem solving, and fun.