Why Do Americans Revere the Rich?
umair haque

Thank you, Umair. Timely and important.

Perhaps you’re familiar with “The Death of Ivan Illyitch” by Leo Tolstoy? It is perhaps the best work I’ve ever read detailing how riches and status--even very pursuit of such--corrupt the human soul.

In America, we love to live by the mantra, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” But how much life and how much liberity do we *really* have in this pursuit of happiness?

I think you answered this question pretty eloquently here. Though I’d like to ask a bigger question: Why do people in America continue on with this trajectory even if rationally nearly every adult capable of arithmetic knows it’s a rat-race trap? What is it about the fabric of American society and psychology that drives this behavior?

In the end, I see daily here in America the sad, slow deaths of the rich and of those masses, while not rich, who are busying themselves with “pursuing happiness.” I just hope it doesn’t destroy what little bit of sanity we have left.

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