Ayahuasca. My attempt at describing the indescribable…
Prue Webb

Thank you for narrative, it was very helpful to me. I have been following TOTWOL for some time and am planning a retreat. I have followed the testimonials and they are great. But they are so diverse from people all over the world. It was very helpful to hear your story from someone local which I related to. I have silly fears about dropping alcohol, sex and the Dieta and while I have no doubt that it is so worth it, I still think about any difficulty integrating when I come back with my social friends. It was refreshing to hear that you were still planning to have a Pina Colada on a beach in Florida! I am planning to do so as well in my semi-retirement. So thank you thank you. I don’t know if this will reach you from this blog. Would love to hear some tips for preparation from someone who has been. Stay well



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