I cant say I disagree about the need for proper family structures and the reduction of unwanted…
TX Kevin

I think by now everyone knows what kind of person Margaret Sanger was and what her ideas were, but that’s not what we’re dealing with 2017 when we’re talking about Planned Parenthood. It’s a simplistic conservative line of argument that’s bandied about to Black people often because conservatives think most Black people are too dumb to figure these things out (this is similar to the way conservatives bring up the fact that the Democratic Party was originally the party of segregationists and the KKK as if we’re too stupid to know the conservative and liberal parties switched identities in the 60's).

Conservatives aren’t concerned with the lives of Black babies (or any Black person) because as I said, all of the legislative actions supported by conservatives directly harm the life prospects of Black people who aren’t fortunate enough to have many resources available to them. Why worry about the abortion of Black babies when you’ve supported locking as many Black people in prisons as possible for the last thirty to forty years? Why worry about the abortion of Black babies when you consistently defend every instance of a police officer killing an unarmed Black man? I think it’s pretty easy to see that most conservative’s concern about abortion has nothing to do with keeping women of color out of Planned Parenthood.

If you look at this issue globally, you’ll see that the “population control” crowd (even though I think many of them are well-meaning) have always focused their efforts in areas of the world that are majority dark-skinned people. You don’t see these same people proposing population control measures on densely-populated European countries. In fact, some European countries are encouraging and even subsidizing higher birth rates while pushing “population control” in Africa. Again, I think the pro-birth and population control groups are both primarily concerned with white babies.

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