Mr. Freeman,
Michael Pace

It is of no concern to me if Donald Trump shared information he shouldn’t have with the Russians, if Israel’s feelings are hurt because he did so, if they and our “allies” refuse to share anything else with the US because of this, etc. If Trump did something that is impeachable and he is removed from office, then I’m not going to shed any tears over it. Perhaps you think I’m a Trump supporter? I don’t know, but my initial post (the one you responded to initially) wasn’t about whether Trump broke the rules or not — that was the focus of your response to my initial post. My last post I think pretty much spelled out the thrust of my original post, but you still don’t seem to get it. Perhaps I’m talking a bit over your head.

If you truly understood the point I’ve been making, you’d also understand that the angle of your argument amounts to nothing but a lot of hot air accompanied with a sprinkling of mysteriously-capitalized words. I knew you didn’t comprehend what was going on earlier in this conversation and this is why I said I wasn’t going to waste my time responding, and it appears I should have followed my gut instinct.