Mr. Freeman,
Michael Pace

Mr. Pace, the optics I’m referring to are the images published by the TASS photographer showing Trump laughing and being friendly with Lavrov and Kislyak, a situation completely at odds with the acrimonious relationship the Establishment media wants to present to Americans and the world. You obviously missed that point and instead veered off into the intelligence agencies and Trump’s bad points, so I’ll go there with you.

The rest of my post was not “white noise”, Mr. Pace, but information very relevant to the situation at hand. Britain, France, Israel and Jordan are all countries who are supposedly in the “anti-ISIS coalition”, but if you have been keeping up with events in Syria since it started in 2011, you will be smart enough to know that ISIS made it’s largest territorial gains and advances while this “anti-ISIS coalition” was supposedly actively fighting against them. ISIS took Mosul, Ramadi, Aleppo, Palmyra and very large swaths of land, all under attack by this massive “anti-ISIS coalition”. Maybe the collective intelligence agencies of these powerful countries couldn’t see that ISIS was taking over large chunks of Iraq and Syria?

It wasn’t until the Russians entered Syria in 2015 that ISIS started suffering major defeats, losing territory and being pushed into retreat. The fact of the matter is that the four nations you mention have as their primary goal the overthrow of Assad in Syria, NOT the defeat of ISIS. Trump saying that he wanted to work with Russia to defeat ISIS is not a goal any of the “anti-ISIS coalition” countries want because ISIS and the other jihadists are the proxy army slated to overthrow the Syrian government.

The goal of the Establishment is to overthrow Assad in Syria, split Iraq and Syria into smaller, pro-Western states that will make room for our designs on that regions resources. Russia represents a direct obstacle to this happening, and this is the only reason NATO is amassing troops on Russia’s western borders, why Putin is being continuously demonized, why the Establishment is so upset with Trump’s seeming desire to have friendly relations with Russia. It’s about geopolitical dominance, and Russia represents a barrier to it.

Neither Britain, France, Israel or Jordan are actually interested in getting rid of ISIS, so is their valued intelligence “secrets” actually that valuable? I’m sure the Russians are already aware that our allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are providing funding and arms to the jihadists, they don’t need intelligence from Israel to see that. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden both have mentioned this so it’s not a mystery who is keeping ISIS fighting and chopping heads.

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