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Since the entirety of our elected federal officials receive big money from the big banks, they can carry on with their criminality with the certainty that they will never face jail time. Neither political party is going to do anything about it unless their constituents start raising hell about it.

Jeff Sessions is behaving as any overt neo-Confederate would as AG. He ignores white-collar crime while ramping up sentencing on everyone else because he knows our justice system typically targets Black and Brown people for incarceration and prosecution — it’s been the single most effective means of reinforcing white supremacy and the preferred societal order since 1865 and Sessions wants to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, the heroin/opioid epidemic, which is reaching deeply into many white communities, is being met with calls for money for treatment, sympathy, and more money for drugs to counteract overdoses. I’m interested in seeing if Sessions’ attitude is the same towards these white drug users — does he she them as criminals or poor souls who’ve become addicted to a highly-destructive substance?

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