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So instead of actually working on reforming their disintegrating political party, the Democrats have decided on the “impeach Trump/blame Russia” strategy to regain their political footing. The e-mails published by Wikileaks showed definitive proof that the DNC was (and apparently still is) working closely with the mainstream corporate media, and it seems that elements within the CIA are also working towards getting Trump impeached by any means available.

Trump may very well get impeached, and I personally wouldn’t mind him gone. But that will not solve the problems Democrats are going to have to eventually take responsibility for if they intend on winning any elections in the future. They are intent on remaining close to corporations, Wall Street, big-money donors, the military establishment, and intend to keep ignoring and pushing away the truly progressive base of their own party.

This is not a strategy for success, and trying to ease the hated Hillary Clinton back into the picture through her new PAC is only going to make it worse.

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