Actually right after Obama took office he told Republicans that elections have consequences and he…
Louis Weeks

That’s a very interesting perspective you have on the Obama years, Louise.

I don’t see how you could say that Obama was hostile towards Republicans when Republicans announced that one of their primary concerns in 2008 was to make sure that Obama failed at everything. Not really them displaying a sense of civility, now is it?

I don’t really understand the conservative hostility towards Obama considering the fact that he did many things Republicans would absolutely love, if it wasn’t Obama doing them. Obama’s idea of solving the Bush regime’s economic recession was to bail out the big financial institutions responsible for it (as opposed to holding them criminally responsible) and to work with Republicans to come up with an austerity plan for the middle class (what the media termed a “sequester”). Give to the rich and bail them out of a mess they created while telling everyday Americans that there is no money for schools, roads and other services? That’s idea Republicans should have loved, if it wasn’t Obama doing it.

The ACA was a Republican idea (from the conservative Heritage Foundation), first implemented by a Republican governor (Mitt Romney) and it was designed to force every citizen to enroll in a private insurance plan. The ACA was not about affordable healthcare (despite it’s name), but about keeping Aetna, Cigna, Humana, etc., profitable at the expense of public health and funneling our tax dollars into their privately-owned coffers in the form of “subsidies”. The Republicans should have been doing somersaults and waving pom-poms at the passage of the ACA, but since it was Obama, they immediately wanted to repeal it.

Obama did a lot conservatives should have applauded during his 8 years (including expanding Bush’s wars) but I honestly think your run-of-the-mill was too blinded by their hatred and too handicapped by their own stupidity to realize it.