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The corporate media and the 1% Establishment don’t want the US helping Russia’s efforts to get rid of Islamic State because want to use Islamic State and the other jihadists (including the same group the allegedly attacked us on 9/11) to overthrow Assad in Syria. Russia is standing of the way of that happening and the US doesn’t want the Russians killing our proxies in Syria, plain and simple.

Trump is a very simply man who’s mental faculties don’t seem to be up to par, so he probably truly revealed more than was needed and more than our “allies” would have wished, but if the US is as serious about defeating the jihadist plague as the Russians are, then it seems logical that we’d work with the only country that has actually reversed the gains ISIS had made over the last four to five years (ISIS was actually gaining ground while the US was supposedly attacking them, before the Russians stepped into the mix in 2015). If not for Russian intervention, ISIS and al-Qa’ida would have their own country right now.

I think the Establishment (meaning the military industrial complex, NATO, the current Democratic Party, most of the Republican Party, corporations and the media they own, intelligence agencies, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the wealthy elites) was upset with the photos that came out of Trump’s meeting with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister — the optics of our top officials actually being cordial with each other was more than the Establishment could take.

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