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The gif the Reddit guy posted with Trump wasn’t in any way racist, and I don’t see the relevance the content of his other posts has to this situation. I can’t understand why liberals are so determined to defend CNN in every situation in which it is criticized. Whether you are left or right, if your brain is working you should be able to see that CNN is a business first, a mouthpiece for the elite establishment second, and a source for entertainment third.

There is nothing resembling journalism that goes on at any of the mainstream corporate media establishments (MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, NYT, WaPo, etc.). None of these organizations are feared by the powerful and none attempt to hold the powerful’s feet to the fire. Real journalists like Julian Assange and Seymour Hersch are either threatened with state-sanctioned assassination or ignored altogether.

CNN hasn’t earned anyone’s respect and certainly hasn’t earned the right to be defended by the general public.

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