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The neoliberal establishment and their media wing will not be happy until the US and Russia are launching nuclear missiles at each other. The US has truly reverted to its 1950’s anti-Soviet hysteria in which everyone sees Russians hiding in every garbage can, schoolhouse, and every corridor of power. Everyone who doesn’t view Putin as the all-powerful Svengali puppetmaster hacking computers and controlling the minds of millions of Americans (including Rohrabacher and people like me who don’t buy the neoliberal crap).

So, if Trump is tossed out of the White House, we get Mike Pence, a man who is a Christian supremacist and as right-wing, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc., as Donald Trump, but he is someone the neoliberal establishment can rely on to keep pushing us towards nuclear annihilation and conflict with Russia and China. This is why Pence has been keeping his head low this week and apparently laying the groundwork for his ascendancy by forming his own political action committee.

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