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This anti-Russia madness has gotten completely beyond the pale — the establishment Democrats just can’t accept the reality that their platform has run its course among their voters and are willing to risk war in order to avoid taking responsibility. Democrats have joined forces with Bush-era Republicans and neocons to push for more confrontation against countries we’ve chosen to make enemies of. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

I’m no fan of Michael Flynn, but his observation about CNN and MSNBC (and the other media sources, ThinkProgress included) have a decidely anti-Russian that sees the world through the prism of the corporations and wealthy individuals who control these media outlets. American media has an agenda just as much as RT does, and to deny that is to deny reality.

Our powers-that-be are simply irate that their narrative is being challenged and sowing doubt into the minds of Americans who were once very easy to fool (although some are more than happy to be fooled).

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