Oh, you, R*ussian t*rolls, are a living proof.
Jane Doe, programmer

This is pretty damn funny coming from someone calling themselves “Jane Doe” lol.

Don’t worry, I’m not a “Russian troll” or a “Putinist” or any of the other smears people like you can dream up. My concern with this whole Russiagate hysteria stems from the fact that we allow our media (which we erroneously believe is “free” and absent of a bias) to constantly drop propaganda on the American people not to inform, but to shape opinions in favor of manufacturing support for expanded wars, aggression, erosion of our rights, and the continued drain of our resources into military spending.

International affairs and how we treat others now and how we’ve treated them in the past is a big interest to me because what we’ve always claimed to be domestically is shown to be pure falsehood when you look at how we treated non-Americans. I talk a lot about our regime change mania and our attempts to control the globe militarily and economically (our provocations of Russia and China being the two most dangerous manifestations of that now) because all of this is being done with the sacrifice of our tax dollars and the lives of many American men and women in the military who are defending the interests of an elite class who don’t even view them as human. This is why so many of my posts are about Russia and our actions abroad — it is important to me.

So yeah, this is my real name, that is my real picture. I’m not being paid to write what I write, and my thoughts are mine and mine alone.

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