ICO on Ethereum Classic (really?)

With the current wave of ICO running Ethereum Network and utilizing Smart Contracts to its maximum potential. Have you forgotten about ETC and that is also serves “smart contract.” Currently there are more than 10 ICO programs in the anticipated signing ETC community, I've listed 4 in this post.

Below are ICOs that run on Ethereum Classic Network

  1. ETC Win — Ethereum Classic Digital Asset Exchange

ETCWin is a "digital currency exchange platform" built to focus on ETC trading. ETCWin uses ETC as principal digital currency to trade other digital cryptocurrency and issues smart contract token based on ETC. This kind of the same as EtherDelta, but instead of ETH, they use ETC. Trading target of digital encrypted currency is a currency based on POW mechanism that occupying major market share. The team behind ETCWin has raised $1.3 mln in Nov. 2016.

***One thing to be noted is that the team behind ETCWin are the same people who run the 91Pool, which is one of the largest Ethereum Classic mining pools. Also, the team is based in China, so many of its information is updated in Weibo.

Token Market:


2. Corion (COR) — Corion Platform

Corion Platform for cryptocurrency users built on Ethereum Classic Netowork with a price controlled token. Unique algorithms, which create stable price per CORION token (COR) while still expanding the market cap as the currency goes through hyper- growth, generated by the demand- based coin emission (daily 0–2.5%).

***Noted: Corion also provides a “Bonus Coin” incentive, which gives users daily gains of up to 2.5%. The purpose (goal) is to bring both businesses and individuals on board to build a worldwide decentralized network and a stable means of payment. However, this ambitious goal is share by many of others on Ethereum platform.

Token Market: https://tokenmarket.net/blockchain/ethereum%20classic/assets/corion-platform/

3. Dexaran

Below is author's explanation:

"I’m Dexaran from Ethereum Classic community. This ICO is my personal attempt to raise funds to realize my ideas for developing Ethereum Classic. I’ve been a volunteer developer since the Ethereum Classic project began. I disagree with the current vision for the development of ETC, and in my opinion it is moving in the wrong direction.

I believe that the current situation is a result of an inefficient distribution of human resources, In my opinion two separate development groups work on the same things for two separate but nearly identical projects.

I’m afraid that this will lead to ETC being considered a deprecated project as soon as Ethereum carries out the next valuable network upgrade and ETC can not keep up."

***Kudos to the author who is really trying to improve the community of Ethereum Classic which is kind of forgotten by the rest. It is also great to see the Ethereum Classic community members host their own ICO to advance the development of this ecosystem.

Link: https://dexaran.github.io/ICO/

4. Postalgia

First thing first, this ICO is still GOING ON. So go now for those #FOMO.

Postalgia's team has went extra mile and build a mobile app, which allows them to use their own photos and have them printed. Once the order is completed, the photo print will be prepared and ship to your doorstep. Don't ask me why... It may not be the most revolutionary project, but it does what it promises, which in the days of ICO is quite rare.

***Noted: Photo prints can only be purchased with bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), or the POSTA token created during this ICO...and yeah, no Ether (ETH) : '(

Lastly, secure your CryptoCurrency with a physical wallet.


Disclaimer: I’m not a certified trader, nor am I a professional in Blockchain technology. I’m simply an enthusiast in Cryptocurrency and read their about page.

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