Making the Box’s Interior Speak

The customer holding your product immediately after receiving product from shipping company is the great occasion for your business. It’s the time for which you need to make appropriate efforts in order to suggest the customer that you are the company that can provide better solution than any other in the market. For this purpose, you will have to make sure that the box is fully delivering the messages related to your brand. You will have to keep delivering these messages while customer goes through the unboxing process.

Inside of the box

The reason inside of the box can be more appropriate to give brand message is that the outer space doesn’t have to be crowded with the text. Apart from the tape and shipping label, printing or attaching any other messages can create confusion during any stage of shipping. Furthermore, a message that is read after item is unboxed give special impression that is appealing.

According to Matt Ruggle who is the eCommerce Manager from Custom Boxes Now, “Printing on the inside of a shipping box is a new trend. When customers find out it’s an option, they get excited. It offers a Wow! Factor. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much to add printing to the inside of the box. People are pleasantly surprised.

Things that you can say

There are a lot of things that you can make the interior of the box to say to the customer. For instance:

· You can print a Thank You message on the box’s inner surface

· A greeting message can be printed on the items that are used as shipping supplies; such as the material used to wrap the item

· You can print the complete guide on how to use the product

· You can give address of company’s website and physical location along with the company’s logo

· The company’s mission along with the notes from founders of company can also be printed

· Or you can just write a funny quote or something humorous to make the purchaser concluding unboxing process with a smile

The color of the box’s interior

To make the unboxing further pleasant, you can use bright color for the inside of the box. For example, most of the people love to see bright green color of the box. Since this or any other bright color is not used on the outside of the box according to shipping recommendations, you can color inside of the box.

Some of the options that you can consider for designing or coloring the interior of box are as under.

· The season or trend can give you the best idea about the color or design to be used inside the box

· The signature design can be made using the main brand color

· You can print a bit renewed logo of your company inside the box

A little graphical printing on the inner surfaces of the box can be of great fun for the customer