Something Rotten
Joe Hill

Great, great, post Joe. I am one that will always buy a ticket, just because I want to see everything, good and bad and make my own opinion. However, I also love reading other critics takes on films after I’ve seen them. The problem with finding three critics you trust or like, is that many have been relieved of their duties at their respective publications/websites. Nathan Rabin, Keith Phipps, Scott Tobias, Owen Glieberman, Liza Schwarzbaum. These were my trusted voices for years. And the remaining critics, while I may read their work, aren’t ones that I can side with. Leonard Maltin, time and time again, states how he can’t stomach horror movies. So his opinion on genre films should be taken with a grain of salt. A.O. Scott is a great writer, but still dismisses many films I enjoy.

Who are your three go to guys?