Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Newsflash: not all Democrats or Republicans hate Comey and many do for wildly diverse reasons. The idea that hateing Comey has become part of party platform is absurd! Unlike you who seem to want nothing more than to litigate the past Colbert and his ilk have actually gotten over the fact that Hillary lost the election. Whats past is past and there’s no use moaning about it. What Comey did with handeling Hillary’s emails is a SEPARATE ISSUE and dosen’t address the obvious problem that we don’t have a consistent answer to why Comey was fired and the answers we do have are concerning at best. Any president has the right to fire the staff under his rule but he isn’t immune to the public scrutiny. So unlike your simple minded political philosophy of tit for tat, Colbert knows how to identify when something deserves to be addressed and when yo let go any political wrongdoing that was directed his way. Now could Colbert and his ilk benefit from a little more mindfulness on the kind of jokes they do make? Sure but once again thats a separate issues something that deserves to be discussed on its own merits something that you have seemed to forgotten how to do.