Are You Having a ‘Several-Night Stand’?
Tracy Moore

I was in this situation with a woman I’d met back in May. She was adamant that it wasn’t a relationship yet would tell me she loved me and would spend near enough every day with me, phone calls all the time whilst on holiday etc etc. It was confusing as hell. It wasn’t until the end that she admitted that it was a relationship.

She would say that we spent too much time together yet would want to see me all the time.

It was the most confusing situation I’ve ever been involved in. I don’t and still cannot understand the mentality behind these things but that’s just me.

I know I should’ve left but I couldn’t because there was a deep connection there.

It frazzled my brain and I accepted a lot of behaviours that I really should’ve walked away from.

No stability and no sense of what was actually going on.

I’m just not cut out for these things I guess.

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