Hi Chris
TJ Starr

Thank you for the response, everything you’ve written really does resonate.

I too went through a very abusive relationship and questioned my own sanity and then after years of building myself back up found myself with a person who I gave my all to only to be so completely broken.

I was blamed for everything that went wrong even though I wasn’t the cause of the root problem and spent 2 months questioning my sanity and honestly believing I was an abusive person. I know I’m not, I always knew I wasn’t. I snapped yes but I’m doing all that I can to not let that happen again, be that knowing when I’m in a place where my feelings are being abused or just being able to say no to someone or something.

I understand completely what your daughter has been through and how hard it is to contend with the whirlwind that is a constant stream of thought and emotional reactions and responses.

Overall I just want to help people, to be a voice where there isn’t one, to stand up and show that, hey we might have a mental illness but that doesn’t make us what people say of us.

Every response I’ve received has been full of love and support and each and every one of them has made me do a little cry!

This is my way of finding myself again whilst I come through a period of time where I had lost myself completely.

Everything that people say is bringing me back, piece by piece.

I may have BPD and GAD but I’m not what people who haven’t taken the time to enlighten themselves truly say I am. No one is.

All my love to yourself and your daughter and thank you so much for your kind words and your insight to your experiences.

It truly means a lot.

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