Or to quote our current Narcissist-in-Chief … ir’s “yuge”!
Yeah, gender definitely changes the neurotransmitters involved for one thing, and cultural…
Mateo D

That made me chuckle! YUGE!!

It’s definitely been a stormy few months but being able to look back and view myself with a new perspective has been brilliant. And having discussions about it has also been very very helpful. Just being able to talk and get different views is incredibly important to me and I’m glad we’ve had this chance to discuss this.

The gender thing is definitely something I feel is spot on. BPD is often seen as a female orientated disorder as many men seemingly either won’t seek help or accept that there is potentially something very wrong and may even disregard any diagnosis. BPD also causes many suicidal gestures that lead to death, especially in male sufferers and I honestly feel that this is due to the stigma surrounding the disorder and societal gender assigned roles (as it were).

I’m just doing my little bit to attempt to break the stigma and share as much as I can about the things I’ve been through whilst living with this because it is ok and there is help and platforms like this, that encourage discussion, understanding and unity are so very important.

Definitely yuge!

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