Something Big is Happening.

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Last Friday, September 21st, more than 4 Million people in 163 countries on all 7 continents left their schools and workplaces to strike for the minor cause of, you know, saving the planet. It was the largest climate protest in history.

But it started with 1.

1 continent. 1 country. 1 young girl. More on that in a bit.

My question is, what took so long? It’s not like climate change is a secret. Despite major corporations and one president’s wishes, we have known since the 70’s the dire circumstances that we face if we don’t get our collective shit together when it comes to CO2 emissions. Shell Corporation even released a documentary in 1991 with information about earth’s rising temperature and sea levels due to the production of fossil fuel. …

Looking for Answers When a Warm and Peaceful Community Experiences Unprecedented Violence

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4 murders, 1 week.

When people talk about gang violence in Central America, usually their mind goes to the neighboring countries of El Salvador and Honduras, beautiful landscapes that have seen their people flea northbound seeking refuge. When people talk about Belize, they usually talk about a version of refuge as well. A place to vacation and relax among the slower paced Caribbean culture and white sand beaches. …


Christopher Vitale

Peace, Sustainability and Mental Health IG: _christofari_

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