IN THE BEGINNING — we were scared little apes, naked and running around the world avoiding predators and trying to figure out which plants, if eaten, would give us the energy to carry on to the next meal. we fought and captured prey, fended off predators, fled from the predators that were too vicious, and tried, like anything, to f*** and to continue our species.

then we added another ‘f’ to the mix — farm.

once farming technologies were established and a logistics chain around food was established, we, as individuals, were allowed the ability to give up some of…

What can we do?

Konesha is burning, MAGA supporters are racing to Portland, the economy continues in a deep recession, millions continue to be unemployed with no clear aid from the federal level, and with all this, we are still in the middle of a pandemic where people can’t agree on the actions to best protect public health.

All of this seems like it may be too much. It seems greater than you or me to address the systemic violence towards black people in America. It seems greater than you or me to restore the economy. It seems greater than…

America, it’s time that we had a little talk. And I mean an honest, constructive talk, as opposed to the histrionics that seem to pass as political conversation these days. I’m talking about having a dialectical discussion, one where we, after offering both of our points of views and after taking an in depth look at where we could learn or expand, reach a new understanding, together.

Is that too much to ask?

With every aspect of life politicized, it feels as if America is losing its way. The use of masks has become a partisan issue, with Republicans touting…

What does it mean for us, as human beings, to be human beings?

Let’s take a look at the current condition of the United States.

Federal forces continue to tear gas protestors, deploying a degree of force that is disproportionate to the actions that the protestors are taking. Several states have attempted economic re-openings to see a surge of COVID cases, to promptly backtrack to shutter up again in futile attempts to stop the spread of the virus. Black Americans continue to suffer brutality at the hands of militarized police forces, with that violence now spreading to their allies, populations…

I am guilty.

This past week, the country erupted in flames as protests spread across the country in response to the murder of George Floyd, a Black American, at the hands of the very police forces that were created to protect and serve citizens like him. Floyd is the latest name in a long list of names that stretches beyond belief and beyond my ignorant remembrance.

It is for that ignorance that I am guilty, and what that ignorance means about me.

I cannot recall the names of all the Black Americans murdered unlawfully by the police. To me, they…

I’d like to preface this piece with a simple and harsh truth — we are not special. When I say “we” I mean us, the American people. I’d like to invite us to consider that we are not “better” than any other nation on this planet, invite us to consider that the higher standard of living that a larger portion of our population holds is illusory and that, at any moment, we are bad days closer to being destitute than we are to being millionaires.

That being said, I have to pose a question — does being American innately mean…

Christopher William Lee

Adrenaline junkie, travel addict, and event producer extraordinaire. NY | LA | HK

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