Confessions of a U.S. Postal Worker: “We deliver Amazon packages until we drop dead.”
Brendan O'Connor

In a time before the Information Age… postal delivery was human-scaled. When need went up, they would add a carrier here and there with population increases.

Email caused the first hit… reducing snail-mail delivery, reducing revenue.

Online shopping began. And grew… grew more and more.

Package delivery is no longer human-scaled, the Information Age is in it’s Prime… Amazon Prime. TOTAL Delivery weight has exponentially increased over a very short time period of time, less than an average postal worker career.

The Postal Service itself is a buggy whip factory. It cannot and will not survive the Automation Age.

1985–2025 The Information Age → 2025–2055 The Automation Age

Technology is almost always as Destructive as it is Constructive… but never before in Human History has Technology developed so quickly, so much all simultaneously.

25 years from now… The U.S. Postal Service may still exist in name but very few humans will ever get in a truck. Drones will be doing the walking for us, the lifting for us and be following crazy directions without getting in accidents… likely all at night, in the sky, silently, peacefully while we sleep.

Sadly, one more item of human life is slowly scaling beyond human nature.