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Meet the Proof Team: Michele “The Marketing Mom”

Over the past 20+ years, I have managed successful sales and marketing teams across a wide range of industries, as well as held the title of entrepreneur. Throughout those years, I have found a passion for finding innovative ways to strategically market businesses. At Proof, every day is a new journey; blockchain, journalism, media, gaming and online platforms are all exciting areas that have been consuming most of my time. I find that marketing in the start-up environment is the most challenging but also the most fun. Your creativity must reach new levels with start-ups, especially one like Proof — which are bringing never seen before product solutions to a market that never formally existed.

Having the opportunity to work with people who genuinely care about the world and their responsibility towards social good has been inspiring. Proof is continuously developing new ways to identify fake news and to end the devastating effects it has on society.

After Chris and Luigi presented this idea to me, I knew that this was something I had to do. Fake news is so destructive on all fronts. Whether it be a big pharma company, a political figure, a non-profit organization, a small business or an individual, the spread of fake news is devastatingly harmful. However, through the wisdom of crowds, independent thought and properly aligned incentives the people will use their collective intelligence to find truth.

I truly enjoy being a part of the Proof team. Everyone on Proof’s global team brings unique insight and personality. Although many of us are thousands of miles away, we communicate daily via video conferencing and Slack channels. We generally have a good laugh every day with jokes, pictures and of course dry humor. Another great asset of the Proof team is its diversity in age with some Xers, Millenials, and Boomers — all united around a common goal.

Personally, I am a mother of three beautiful children and married for 19 years to my wonderful husband Vinnie. We are what one may call a lacrosse family! We spend most weekends enjoying lacrosse games and tournaments throughout the year. Although there is a lot of running around with 3 children, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy country music, reading, politics and family time.

I am looking forward to this journey with Proof. For more information about Michele or any Proof team member, visit