Graphiques Dégénérés: An Exhibition of Datavis Failures

Micah Stubbs
VisQuebec meetup at exhibition opening

La Chambre Blanche is dedicated to the experimentation of visual and digital arts, in particular practices exploring new technologies within an international network of exchanges and residencies. This laboratory is built around research, creation, production, documentation training and broadcasting.

Moritz Stefaner

I wanted to demonstrate that the “hexagonal” structures bees build are actually just squeezed circles, so the hex structure is really just an emergent property of the fact they are tightly packed together when building and some basic geometry. So, I thought, I’ll just build a couple of “wheels” with one particle in the center, a set of particles — all connected in a ringwise fashion by springs, and also connected to the center node. If those would all gravitate to the center, and repel each other, I should get a nice squeezing behavior, right?

Chris Viau
Kai Chang
Étienne Saint-Amant



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