Love this!
Cynthia Ord

Hey Cynthia, thanks for your comment. I checked out your article and I loved it. What I think is that we need to get rid of defining ourselves through saying that we are either digital nomads or not. As human beings I think we are nomads by nature and definition. We are always ready to move to a new neighborhood, a new city or country may it be for a job, for love or for a change of scenery. There are times in life when we travel more and there are times when we travel less. Some people want to travel more and some less. It is super individual.

The only reason why we are talking about digital nomadism so much right now is because in the last centuries our natural nomadism has been structured and compressed a lot by the needs of the industrial society and now it is coming up again as a counter culture.

In my opinion being a nomad does not necessarily mean to be on the road all the time. It emphasizes much more the freedom to be on the road whenever you want. The advent of the 9–5 Job including a preset number of holidays has limited our ability to “feel” nomadic. The digital nomad movement acts like a counter cultur and stresses that point and proofs you can actually be on the road all the time and live within the framework of an industrialized economy/society. Like this it paves the way to a “new normal” of human nomadism.

Wow, that got a little longer than intended. :) I hope you can resonate with it. I might write and think more about it. It opened some doors. So thanks again!

All the best to you and keep being a human nomad! Looking forward to your next article!