Up to 60% — Amazon FBA storage fees

Dramatic fee increase for EFN storage. PAN EU and CE storage fees remain on low level. Amazon forces PAN EU storage.

Christoph Prokeš
Mar 13, 2018 · 3 min read

During this year, a lot of changes regarding Amazon fees for storing and for shipping will take effect.

If you are using EFN, your shipping fees will increase tremendously. An increase of about 60% requires reconsidering the distribution service you are, or rather you will be, using. Here are the changes in a chronological order:

Starting on 26 April 2018:

  • Adjusted fees for shipping from local warehouses to local customers but only about 1.5 %

If using PAN-EU, the local fulfilment fees are still valid

  • EFN fees will increase heavily (by up to 60%)
  • The storage fees for storing in European warehouses will increase:

January-September: UK 0.65 GBP (per cubic foot)

October-December: UK 0.91 GBP (per cubic foot)

January- September: DE, FR, IT, ES, PL, CZ 26 € (per cubic meter)

October-December: DE, FR, IT, ES, PL, CZ 36 € (per cubic meter)

  • No free shipping for goods of standard size which cost more than 300 GBP/350 € anymore

Starting on 5 September 2018:

There will be new administrative charges for purchase returns in the following categories: clothing, shoes & bags, watches, luggage and jewellery. The fee equates the shipping cost for the product if shipped singly.

Starting on 9 October 2018:

Amazon wants to get information about the content of a parcel in order to be able to process it in a quicker way and if this piece of information is not provided, sellers will have to pay a fee for the manual processing of the parcel.

For parcels which are sent to warehouses in the UK, the fee is 0.06 GBP, and to warehouses in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland or the Czech Republic, the fee is 0.07 €.

PAN-EU might be the only reasonable solution to stay competitively viable, but it is dependent on various aspects. To find the solution which is fitting best to your company, here you can find the practical calculation concept from seitengasse.de which helps you comparing PAN-EU to the service you are using right now and it shows you which concept is most profitable for you and your business.

EFN, CE, PAN EU calculator by seitengasse.de can be downloaded here (DE)

What does EFN, CE and PAN EU storage means?

EFN (European Fulfilment Network)

CEP (Central Europe Programme):

PAN-EU (PAN-European FBA)

By using fbahero’s VAT calculation tool you can automate VAT Registration and Filings in each European country.

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