Finding My Way Through The Amazon
Agnes Kim

Liked your work! Did the free coffee work as a bait?

Although I gotta say that two of your solutions, which I believe they make the overall experience clearer as your testing shows, they carry some inconvenience along. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The Scan and Voice buttons improve a lot because of the label and the way more accurate icon, however this makes the header heavier and you lose some valuable height for mobile devices and for an e-commerce site.

And not sure about this, but the shipping address component, as it is right now it is showing you a default address which is pretty handy if you use always the same one. With your solution you seem to force the user to select one everytime? Perhaps could be good to somehow put the 2 ideas together? Label saying “Select…” and the default one?

Cheers and thanks for your cool work :)

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