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Artist who performs, breaks pixels and plays with words.
Illustration: Christos Mouchas

I was thinking how better it would have been if the year changed in September, instead of January. It would have been considerably better in the warm and sunny days of summer; my argument for summer, you’ll find . Let’s get real though, I live in my own beautiful Western bubble — the southern hemisphere has New Year’s in summertime since the dawn of age. Hah!

But I think we all live in our little bubble. For example, while Europe was enjoying their summer vacations, . …

Daniel Everett, Preservation II, 2015

For all the talk of the now exhausted trope of Athens being the “new Berlin”, arguably no one has tried to perpetuate it more than Airbnb. Even more so perhaps than the quinquennial Documenta held in the Greek capital two years ago, whose 14th edition was ridden with accusations of neo-imperialism and a drama about their financial affairs, equivalent of Greek tragedies.

Purposely or not, the San Fransisco company has transformed Athens into a land of promises for tourists. Its warm weather, the low prices, the port to the islands a hop, skip and a jump away, and the necessary…

Illustration: Christos Mouchas

I never understood the people who say they love winter. Especially when their only argument is that they have better clothes; and they always refer to their coats. Alright. I recognise that the feeling of something fuzzy hugging you and protecting you is indeed very pleasurable. Perhaps even necessary. Let alone, when there is no someone to do it, this sense of security that clothes create is welcome. We need it. We crave it. I always think of

But I have to admit that this image also saddens me a…

Image courtesy: LiFO

Possibly, no other country has strived to associate itself with a color, as much as Greece has with blue. We, Greeks, hold our blue sea and blue skies so dearly that poets like Odysseas Elytis write poems about it. We have it on our flag, on our identity cards, on our national emblem. Thus, it should make no surprise that when we were called to elect a new government on July 7th, after four “red” years with a left government — the first in modern Greek history — we chose to go back to our familiar color. We know it…

Valentino x Gustave Courbet | Illustration: Christos Mouchas for Ubicouture

Fashion adores a grande finale. It is therefore apt to be closing this fashion week (or month, depends how you see it) with the showstopper — the haute couture collections.

Literally high fashion in French, they are a category on their own in the fashion industry, governed by special rules. A rarefied and utterly exclusive club, couture is reserved only for a few thousand women in the world. It’s no surprise given its prices; a couture item could start with 5 digits and can easily scale up to 6. It is for the 1% of the 1%, the mindblowingly rich.

Illustration: Christos Mouchas

The first model opening a fashion show is possibly the most important. And that’s because the clothes they are wearing are those that signify the pulse of the entire collection. They encapsulate in one single look the designer’s direction and intention for what comes after. Let alone, when it is literally the first image a visitor looks on a website, it needs to bring the much-wanted click. Although I disagree that we should judge a book by its cover, when speaking about clothes appearances inevitably play a major role.

On a similar note, the first issue of a new magazine…

Illustration: Christos Mouchas

A couple of weeks ago, on my way home, I saw a young man wearing a jacket. It had a gold chain print, kind of like 90’s Versace. He was coming out of the super market, got on his bike and left.

He was the third person I had seen recently wearing something like that. A general rule on fashion is that if you see something twice, it’s a coincidence. If you see it three times though, it’s a trend. I wasn’t really preoccupied with what’s the next big and hot thing for this summer but more about how the…

Illustration: Christos Mouchas

Greece is getting ready for a fresh round of elections. About four months before the current government’s term was over, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras called for snap general elections. Judging by his party’s loss at the EU Elections of May 26th, Greece is set to elect a new PM on July 7th.

‘New’ is associated with something different but to be honest, I doubt whether that will be the case; but that is another conversation. For what we can be sure, nevertheless, is that the new PM will be wearing a necktie.

I would argue that Alexis Tsipras…

Photo illustration by Christos Mouchas; Courtesy of and Kristin-Lee Moolman (portrait).

I do wonder whether fashion really loves women. It is an oxymoron — or utterly unsurprising, depending on where you stand — that the industry which is so closely associated with women is also one, among many, responsible for the disadvantaged position the patriarchal status quo wants to have them.

The directive is clear: a flawless image, a perfect body and seemingly countless options on how to dress that body. Alas, should it not be white or have the necessary shape. It would only add to the woe if that body cannot add an extra decimal at the accounts of…

Illustration: Christos Mouchas

The next fashion week may be a month away but houses and designers are currently presenting their so called Resort collections for 2020. Although not as known as their seasonal counterparts, they are perhaps the most important collection for each brand. Or at least, those who can afford to produce one.

Resort, Cruise or Pre-Spring — they go around with different names — they typically consist of clothes for jet-setter ladies who love travelling in warm locales during winter time. This collection is in fact the most profitable each year because it remains full price longer than the rest; up…

Christos Mouchas

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