Clinton Feminists Are Not Feminists
Caitlin Johnstone

I don’t know what “feminism” is. But thanks for femsplaining ;-) I do value the way academic feminism has brought experiences of women into more discussion than in the past though.

Allow me to introduce myself. I have lived and worked in the US, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in Denmark, and in Sweden, and I will be moving to Germany in a few months. In Scandinavian terms, I am center-left. In American terms I am a part of the communitarian, far right. I don’t know where I will be on the political spectrum in Germany.

I think the problem is one that infects both political parties, and that is the dependence on fund-raising from large, globalist corporations, and therefore there has every reason to find ways to justify empire and capitalism at the expense of everything else. Trump waged a pro-wrestling-style “fight” against the establishment and won the election, just like Obama did 8 years earlier. Clinton seems to think that if you can get a collection of interests to push on an unwilling Africa and Asia, that this will carry her to President of the Greatest Empire the World Has Ever Known. It’s a token feminism which ignores the realities of women while pushing the mythology of progress,.

There is a resistance going on, and it is on the right and left today. In France both Le Pen (Right) and Melenchon (Left) are a part of it. And it seeks to liberate all peoples, all cultures from the globalist agenda. It is the heir to the old left, the Left that supported Sukarno, the Left that supported self-determination for the countries that didn’t want to align with the US or USSR. With luck the center will move to where we are, and the future will look much more like Sanders, Le Pen, Melenchon, and so forth than like Clingon, Perez, or GWB.