There are a lot of ways to be a Democrat. Bernie’s pretty clear he isn’t one. The end.
Val Perry

The thing is: Americans are so individualist that they can no longer really sit down and think about common goods. That’s why infrastructure is in disrepair, why the American health care system is so bad that even a discriminatory abomination like the ACA (look at what happens when an American marries a foreigner under it) is something people cling to it like it is a life boat.

And politics becomes a team sport rather than a group effort at building a country where there is room in it for various ways of life etc.

But no. I am not a Republican because I think business should be regulated for the good of society. But I am even less a Democrat because I do not buy the idea that every time the left thinks they have a good idea that it becomes a right to be forced first on the country and then on the world.